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Running tests from Visual Studio on a VM which is a part of a Standard Environment

Feb 19, 2013 at 5:04 PM
Using MTM 2010 I was able to reconnect a TestAgent (running on the VM which was a part of a Physical Environment ) to an "unbound" Test Controller and then run my tests from Visual Studio .

It seems to be not possible anymore when using Standard Environment of MTM 2012 since you can not reconnect a Test Agent to another Test Controller once his VM becomes a part of a Standard Environment .

Is there a handy way I can use the same VM in Standard Environment and for running tests from Visual Studio ?
It is not really handy if I have first to remove this VM from the Standard Environment and to add it back after that...

(I want to use the same VM since the automated tests are running at night-time and during the day developers used to use the same VMs when developing further tests.)